Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Making An Egg Burger

Today at Tech we made healthy egg burgers with some tomatoes and onions. It was a quick and easy burger to make. The teacher, chef, Mrs Tuipulotu, said it was better than the Big Mac at McDonald's, but I can't lie it actually was. I worked with a friend of mine, Riiana and it was cool.

The burger was very easy to make because all we had to do was add oil to the pan. Then put the front left element to 180*c, as soon as we did that we had to crack four eggs into the pan and leave it. We then had to collect our vegetables and slice them, when the eggs were ready we had to put the eggs on a plate and leave it to cool down. Seconds later we had to collect the buns and put all the ingredients together. In the end the burger turned out to be a perfect and healthy burger.  

This week was the last week so we had to make a quick one and start blogging. Next week we will move onto Mr Grundy's class and we'll be crafting.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Football Inter School Tournament

On Wednesday we had our Football tournament at Point England Reserve. In our team we had 11 people in our team plus me and the two teachers.

Once we arrived at the Reserve there were a lot of schools already there getting ready. So when we parked up we went straight to our spot on the field, as soon as we were there we were told we had 6 games against other schools that was there. Our teacher said that we only had a short brake before we play our first game, so we then started practising on a field right in the front of us.

After that the big horn went off and that meant our first game was going to start so we went into our positions. Our first game was against Panmure District and the score was 0-6. We were happy we won our first game, but we lost some games and had a draw for some games. People in our team was fine with how much loses we had, but our captain kept on saying "work as a team".

In the end we were told that we came last with another school called Panmure District.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Our Daily Fitness!!

On our first day back at school we had to start running laps for our fitness. We had to jog around the entire senior block, including the basketball and netball courts. Teachers spread themselves around the block . There is one teacher (Mrs Golder) who stands at the top of the hill with her phone timing us. We only run for 10 mins and when it's over we line up where we started from.

We start the running routine at the bottom of a hill and work our way around the block. Lap by lap people would be yelled at to start running because they walk too much. Some people can keep up the pace because they are fit and they practice a lot, but some are just good runners. Most of the good runners in the senior block are from Rooms 12 and 10, and there are only a few of fit runners in Room 9.

In our daily fitness we have some rules that we have to follow. The rules are:

1. If you are a slow runner move to the left

2. If you are overtaking move slightly to the right

3. When you are tying your shoelaces, move aside.

Monday, 30 April 2018

The Big Storm

On 10th of April one of the most worse nights of my life because it was one of the hardest storms to hit Auckland that hard ever. Experts say that it was the natural wind tunnel that caused the big hurricane-force winds. My opinion was that the wind was just getting stronger and stronger. News reporter Duncan Garner was mad at officials for not being prepared for the huge storm coming their way. A expert has said that the storm all started from the Tasman Sea and then worked it's way up to South Auckland and then around the whole of Auckland. Most people in Glen Innes had their power cut and it was very dark, they had their power because a tree fell and wrecked the power lines just around the corner from my house. In the morning things were very disorganised like trees being broken and power lines hanging down. 

Friday, 6 April 2018

The Commonwealth Games

In the Commonwealth Games a 11 year old girl known as Anna Hursey is a Table Tennis expert. She is from Briton and a representative from the Whales.

When Anna Hursey was just 5 years old she was already starting to play Table Tennis. She has been playing ever since up until she was 10 years old. Whilst she was still 10 Welsh player Anna Hursey wanted to join the Commonwealth Games so she did. Hursey competed for Whales in the European Championship qualification match against Kosovo. When she was done with the Commonwealth Games she also competed in the World Cadet Challenge in the same year. 

During the year of 2018 she competed in the Commonwealth Games with Carey. They both played against another double from India known as Madhurika Patkar and Mouma Das. Obviously Hursey and her partner claimed the victory with a score of 3 to 2. Tennis player Anna Hursey is hyped for her very next matches.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Pancakes With Chocolate Syrup

Today we made pancakes with chocolate syrup. It was quite a easy dish to make but some parts we had to use hot heat. All we had to do was collect some dry ingredients known as Sun.Rising.Flour and White Sugar. We also had to add some milk and a egg. As soon as we had all the ingredients, then we were ordered to mix it till it gets smooth enough to scoop up.

After all the mixing we had to on the oven and put the pan on the elements. Now we had to get some butter from the front and half it in to a bowl. Straight after that we had to butter the pan and then add the butter. The reason we had to add the butter was so that the pancake doesn't stick to the pan. When the butter was getting watery we had to add two scoops of the cream into the pan and we then had to wait. The teacher Mrs Tuipulotu said we had to flip it when 5 mins is up so, I flipped the pancake and it was perfect. Laki and I than waited until the last pancakes were ready, once it was ready Laki shared the pancakes equally and then we waited. Before we went to the teacher we had to make our pancakes stylish so I just put mine separately into the corners. I had to put some chocolate syrup on each pancake and then I was done.

When I finished I had to get ready to take a photo shoot. As soon as I was ready I had to go back to the teacher and take my photo. Before that I had to wash the dishes and sweep the floor. Lastly I had to wait for the second period and then start blogging. I can't wait for next week!

Monday, 26 March 2018

Syndicate Assembly

 On Monday we had a syndicate assembly and Rm 12 hosted it. In the assembly we had two songs and a game. The hosts were Pupuke, Joanlisi, Saluselo and Henry. Then when the assembly Henry had to introduce the classes to the syndicate assembly, after that Pupuke had to introduce a song to sing and it was called This is Me by Keala Settle. This song was from The Greatest Showman and it was also Pupuke's favourite song. When we sang the song Tupouseini introduced the game, it was called syndicate got talent. The contestants were from each class and from Rm 9 was Ong Minut and Aleki, Rm 10 was Uinita and Reality and from Rm 12 was Pupuke and Katrina. Ong Minut and Aleki was the best they were free styling and they went crazy, Aleki started break dancing and Ong just copied. At the end Rm 9 were announced as the winners. Then Joanlisi had to announce the last song but sadly it didn't work so we had to sing Capella. We just sang some Maori songs and then  Saluselo finished off the assembly with a little goodbye speech and then the syndicate assembly was over. Before the assembly was over the teachers had to come up and present their certificates to their students in each class. From our class were Pupuke and Kain.