Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New Goals For Term 4

New Goals For Term 4

Since I have achieved my goals last term I had to get some more new ones so. Today I'm going to present my new goals plus one more extra.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Achieving my goals


Achieving my goals was like another goal I had to achieve but the hardest one of all. I have only achieved 4 out of 5. These are my goals I have achieved and one I have not.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Running The Government

I believe that LABOUR will run government because Jacinda  Ardern will help people such as the homeless and helping people that live on the streets. She also promised that she would make new houses, and rebuild old houses. She said she is going to raise the taxes, she argued this with National.

Friday, 8 September 2017

My Book Report

On Tuesday 5th of September me and my class wrote our own book reports on the book we read. My group read Te Tiriti o Waitanga which means the treaty of waitangi, and when we read it we had to do a book report on it and here it is.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Te Tiriti o Waitangi AKA-The Treaty of Waitangi

 Te Titiri o Waitangi

(a paragraph from the text)
The next day. 6 February, the chiefs met again. Hobson wasn't expecting a hui that day and was wearing casual cloths. He had to quickly put on his naval hat in order to look more official. The treaty was read aloud, and then around forty chiefs signed it. As they did this, Hobson said, "He iwi tahi tatou". ("We are one people.")
A number of copies of the Treaty were made and taken around the country. Not all iwi got to see the Treaty, and some chiefs decided against signing. Others were fearful about what the Treaty would mean but signed anyway. Over the next seven months, five hundred chiefs signed their names or moko - almost all of them on te reo Maori version.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Getting My Dog

My Puppy!!

The miracle began in the July holidays. It was so weird, when we heard tiny footsteps outside on our deck. When we were still getting dressed for church, we heard a scratching noise on our window and a small puppy shaped shadow as well. I had a thought of it just being a stick or clothes hitting our window until...

When I opened the curtain there it was, a puppy ,with blue sea eyes and light brown fur. When I opened the door I pat the puppy and it was shaking, when I felt it I picked it up and brought it inside. I brought it inside I took it straight to my bedroom and showed my brother, he had a feeling it was his puppy from my cousin but it wasn't. Straight after that I had to leave the dog with my brother because we had to go to church. When we left we took for ages and then finally we came back home, I was happy that we got a puppy because it was playful and nice. When we got home we got dressed into our normal clothes and watched T.V, I had a feeling that the puppy was going to sleep or just not moving but it turned out he was just relaxing under the pillows with his small blanket. My little brother was so board that he just picked up the dog and started to make it play. The dog loves it when we always run around because he'd chase around the house and once he catches us he would jump up and down.

My brother thought of buying the dog food every week and feeding him well we are at school and work. My dad didn't like the idea of it so just about 2 weeks later we had to give it away. The reason was that we were busy the kids had to go to school and the adults had to go work so my dad came up with the idea of giving him away so he asked one of my cousins if they wanted him. But bad luck my cousin didn't want it so we just gave it to the neighbours. It was alright that we just gave it to my neighbours because the puppy would always come over, and from now the dog is humongous and very fast than usual.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Depressing Time In My Life


It was when my Papa.... Passed away this year and that was when it was the saddest day of my life. When my Papa passed it was a lonely life for my Nan, He died because he was getting to old and was to weak to stand until the doctor said that he has passed. When we had heard that he has passed, my Nan and my Mum went to buy my Papa's coffin and some flowers. When they finished buying everything my Mum looked for some her Dad's pictures to take to the funeral, When she finished she went with my Nan to the hospital to dress my Papa up and put his Tongan clothes on. Which were a Kote, Tupenu, Sote and his tauvala, these clothes that were worn to his malanga at the God Church.

Once they finished they picked up the coffin from the shop and put my Papa in it, Afterwards they put the coffin in the hearse. A hearse is a vehicle that carries coffins and take them to places where the funeral is taken. When my Papa was taken in the hearse the driver had to follow our car to the place where we were having the ceremony.Once we go their we lifted his coffin to the front of the hall and put him on a stand, When we put him down my brother went and got see through blue curtains and put it around the coffin. When he had done that we set up the chairs and the falas on the ground, After that we had to start the funeral the next night so we went home and slept.

In the next morning my Nan and mum was already up having a shower and getting their clothes ready. They had to wear black clothes and a Tauvala, When we left the house we went to my uncle's house to see if h was able to come. When we got their he was wearing a big fala on the outside and black clothes in the inside. Once we finished we had to go back to my house to pick up my sisters and younger brothers. Then when we went home to pick them up I was thinking if I should've said to my brother "ARE YOU GUD BRO?" it was because when we opened the door he was running around chasing the puppy and would not stop until my mum shouted at him to sit down.

When we had finished picking up my family we then went to the hall that we had the ceremony. When we got there, There was already some people there and they were putting on their tauvala and going inside. When we left the van we went inside the hall and sat in the front seat with my Nan, Uncle, and my mum. When we went to the front to sit down my Nan was starting to cry and my mum, But 2 mins later my Nan sister walked in to the hall and sat next to my Nan. Later that day we had to stay there until nighttime and until the feed was on. Then when it got around 12:00 clock we had the prayer and the kisses and my favourite part was the feast. We had chocolate cake with white icing and a pineapple ricotta pie. Then the funeral was over and we had to go home.