Tuesday, 3 July 2018

My Syndicate Assembly Award

Yesterday we had a syndicate assembly. It was hosted by Rm 9, they had two songs and a awesome game. The game was to use your mouth only to pick up the box from the floor, in the end me and a friend received a certificate for things we did. He got his certificate for being a reliable student and trustful. I received mine for being able to control and welcome two new students. In the end Rm 9 finished their assembly off with a thank you and sent the classes off.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Tonga VS Samoa

In the weekends there was a rugby league game being held in Australia. It was the Tonga vs Samoa game. There were some new players in the Tongan team and in the Samoan team too. During the game a few Tongan players were injured badly and some just hurt a little. Either way the game was awesome there were some tries that were out of the box and some tries that were just fine. Nearly everyone in the Tongan team tried, but some just missed out on their chance. I was happy when Tonga was presented with the Victory in the end.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

My Basket And Heart Weaving

Last week we did weaving with our teacher. He sent us an e-mail to a tutorial video about weaving a basket. The video looked easy to make, but when we made it, it was a hard weaving to make. One of my friends made it quickly because it was easy for him, and the rest of us were on it for 2 to 3 days. After we were done we had to put our baskets at the back of the class.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Hip Hop With JessπŸ’ƒ

Today we had Hip Hop with Jess. Jess wanted us to first start off with a warm up and then started dancing. In the warm up we did some stretching and some head movements, we also had to practice  doing the wave starting from the tips of our fingers. 

After that we played a game of musical statues, when the music stopped we had to either sit down, do dance moves and more. As soon as we finished playing our game we moved into our groups that we were put in to finish our group dance. In the end Jess called us out to do our dancing in front of the class, my group was up first.

Later on, the last group was up to do their dance and it was pretty cool, they had some Fortnite dances and made up dances in their dance. Some of the groups were shy, but they made it through strong.

Friday, 1 June 2018

πŸ“– Buddy Reading πŸ“–

Yesterday 29th of May we had buddy reading with Room 6. When they arrived at our classroom they were split one by one to go and work with a year 7 or year 8. When the year 3s were all separated we then started reading our blogs to them.

I was working with a boy named Ray. He was so interested in what he was seeing on my blog and on Room 1's blog! He was also excited just to see my drawing from Tech. Ray was only 9 so he wasn't particularly interested in the writing so I just showed him my drawings and then read him one of my story's.

As soon as the Room 6 students lined up they left to go back to their classroom. After that we then had to get back with our learning and concentrate.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Making An Egg Burger

Today at Tech we made healthy egg burgers with some tomatoes and onions. It was a quick and easy burger to make. The teacher, chef, Mrs Tuipulotu, said it was better than the Big Mac at McDonald's, but I can't lie it actually was. I worked with a friend of mine, Riiana and it was cool.

The burger was very easy to make because all we had to do was add oil to the pan. Then put the front left element to 180*c, as soon as we did that we had to crack four eggs into the pan and leave it. We then had to collect our vegetables and slice them, when the eggs were ready we had to put the eggs on a plate and leave it to cool down. Seconds later we had to collect the buns and put all the ingredients together. In the end the burger turned out to be a perfect and healthy burger.  

This week was the last week so we had to make a quick one and start blogging. Next week we will move onto Mr Grundy's class and we'll be crafting.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Football Inter School Tournament

On Wednesday we had our Football tournament at Point England Reserve. In our team we had 11 people in our team plus me and the two teachers.

Once we arrived at the Reserve there were a lot of schools already there getting ready. So when we parked up we went straight to our spot on the field, as soon as we were there we were told we had 6 games against other schools that was there. Our teacher said that we only had a short brake before we play our first game, so we then started practising on a field right in the front of us.

After that the big horn went off and that meant our first game was going to start so we went into our positions. Our first game was against Panmure District and the score was 0-6. We were happy we won our first game, but we lost some games and had a draw for some games. People in our team was fine with how much loses we had, but our captain kept on saying "work as a team".

In the end we were told that we came last with another school called Panmure District.