Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Duffy Show

In the beginning Henry and rob came to Ruapotaka school a Duffy assembly.Here is a photo of Henry and Rob.Rob was giving out the books and as you see Henry is taking the photos.Rob also said that reading was good and especially reading can take us to places we want to go to,but only in our mind.Also Robs favourite book was called Asterix because his parents bought it for him when he was 10.

This was us holding our Duffy books.As you see you cannot see me in this photo,but at least you could see my books.My books are right next to the girl with the Tom Gates and the Geronimo Stilton books.You can look on the side of her shoulder you can see two books,one is captain underpants and goosebumps.


Jessica said...

Hi Peni,
It sounds like it was really interesting. What was your favourite thing that happened and why? Are happy with the books you got?


Jessica said...
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Leaaepeni said...

First yes i am happy with my books,and the part i enjoyed was when Robert Rakete was telling us about his childhood.

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