Thursday, 16 February 2017

New Year At School

Malo' e 'lelei

My name is Leaaepeni I am a year 6 student in room 10.I'm full Tongan and and I like art and I'm still getting the hang of drawing things around me.

 My teachers name is Miss Misela and I had her last year but then I got moved. I am 10 years old and I like writing and spelling and I am still trying to get better at maths.

I really enjoy going to the beach with my family and mostly on Fridays. Because on Fridays that's when we can stay for longer because it's the weekends. The beach we go to is Mission Bay, and at Mission Bay I also have to swim with my little brother at the fountain. The fountain is big and round but it's just not deep. At school I also enjoy playing with my friends at the school park, I like playing sport and my favourite sport is softball. I always want to be in my friends team and my friends name is Dominic.

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Akesa Misela said...

Welcome back Peni, it's good to have you back in my class. Don't foget to double check your writing to make sure that you have corrected and added everything. Otherwise, it sounds like we have a good year ahead of us. Well done!

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