Friday, 24 February 2017

Duffy Show

We had a show. One of my favourite shows at school this year, we had a Duffy show. The show was the best show they've done at Ruapotaka School. The best part was when they added some science experiments into their show. When they added all of the ingredients it just errupted from the bottom and came out like lava but it was green.

The story was all about global warming. The characters were Global Girl, Super Duffy and Lord Zendaya. In the story a cyclone happened and it was coming straight towards global girl and Duffy. Then global girl had a idea and said to blow the cyclone away. So they blew it away by using there arms to make a wiggly shape. Then after that the cyclone left to another place. Then global girl flew away with Duffy.

After that they landed in Tuvalu.They went to Tuvalu to help the sea Moana. The sea was rough and scared because Antarctica was melting into the sea. The best way global girl and Duffy could was by calming her down. The sea was scared that Tuvalu would sink because the water is getting higher and higher.Then after that Moana just got calmer and calmer.Then they flew off to Australia.

Then they landed in Aussie. In Aussie there were big bush fires heading their way. They heard a koala shouting for help. The koala was a talking koala. When Duffy went to save the koala with global girl he got scared because the koala started talking.

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