Thursday, 24 November 2016

Botanical Gardens

Friday 14th October 14.10.16
Botanical Gardens

When I woke up I went to the bathroom had a shower, brushed my tooth that fell out of my mouth and my teeth. Then i went back to my room and got dressed. When i was done getting dressed I had my breakfast. Then I had to dress my little brother up and put his shoes on. Then when I was done putting his shoes on I walked to school. When I knocked on the door the teacher opened the door and took my little brother then I left.

When I got to school I had to put my bag on my chair and said good morning to the teacher (Mrs Buchanan). Then I went outside and played baddies and goodies. When the goodies were about to catch the baddies the bell rang. When the bell rang we all ran towards class. Then when we went and asked our teacher if we had fitness then she said no. The reason she said no was because we were leaving soon. Then right after that we had to get our milk and morning tea and eat it. When we were done eating we had to get in a line and go up to the junior court. When we were up there the principal was talking to us(Mrs Vickers).

Then later we got sent to the bus and we went to the bus three. In bus three we had room 12 and room 6. When the bus started to leave I was pretending I was driving the bus. When we took the eighth turn I finally noticed we were in Sylvia Park. Then we turned on to the motorway, I was happy because the motorway is when I could go highspeed. Just a few minutes after passing the tip top factory my teacher asked me how much minutes are left and i said  there are 24 minutes left. Then my teacher asked Katrina(friend)and she said ‘’I don’t know miss’’. Then after 10 minutes we turned off the motorway and turned right going down. Then we turned left and went straight for like another 10 minutes until we took another turn. We only needed one more turn until we were there, when we took the last turn we went under a tunnel made by pink flowers…..

When we got off the bus we had to wait for the other classes to go. Then after the classes went to the front we then went. We went pass the other classes and went to the court yard. At the courtyard we got split up into groups of ten. In the group of ten we had to split up in groups of five in the groups of ten. In every group of five had one tablet and camera. Then I had Mrs Hoeberigs(reliever)and students from the class in my team. Then after we got split up the teachers gave out our paperwork. Then after that we started to leave the courtyard. The first plants we went to was the pohutukawa tree. It was so pretty and soft and it was Mrs Hoeberigs favourite tree. Then after that we had to walk down a pathway, then we turned into a square place of gardens. It was the Edibles gardens with the blossom trees and the brown turkey tree. Then we took some pictures of plants and the apple tree and of other things.
When we left the Edible gardens, we walked down a pathway and stopped to look at something. It was a fountain that looked like that it was made out of bones. The water was dripping onto each piece well it was going down. Everytime it goes down it gets sucked up in this pole to the top of the fountain. After the fountain we went to the place with the flax, it had a spider web sculpture. It looked like it was made out of metal because it was silver and strong. After seeing the web we walked down a rocky pathway and stood near the flax, me and a student called Henry went and asked the teacher if we could touch the flax and she said yes. So me and Henry went and touched the flax. The flax was so soft that I felt like it was a bed to lie on. Then after that we went out of the flax bit and went to the other side of the flax. On the other side there was a long pathway we had to walk down. On the side of the pathway there was groups of trees together in a group and I thought it was a ghost house. Then we saw the roses and there were lots of bright colours on the roses. After the roses we went to another rose place.   

After that we had to leave and come back to school. On the way to the buses we saw a teacher waving at us. When we got to the top of the hill we had to wait for the buses to get back in places. Then we got in and came back to school.

The End              

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