Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Guy Fawkes


In the weekend on Saturday, me and my family went to my aunt's house to do fireworks. We went around 2:00pm, we went with my whole family except for my dad because he had to work. When we got to my aunt’s house my uncle was there. It was very boring so slept in the car till night time. When it was night time my brother woke me up and told me it is time to do fireworks. When I got out of the car my uncle's car was gone. Then not long after my uncle pulled up with heaps of fireworks in his car. He had two moon strikes and heaps of roman candles with bad boys and ground fireworks. Then I had to help my uncle carry the fireworks to the back yard, one of the boxes were too heavy so I had to drop and it fell. Then my uncle got angry and yelled at me and then I ended up having to pull the box to the back. Once all of the fireworks were at the back we started lighting the fireworks, we first started off with the cascades and then started lighting anything. The first thing I lit was a roman candle and it was so loud I nearly died and my little brother was crying  because he wanted to hold a roman candle and I still couldn’t hear him. After that I took a roman candle and went to the front to look for a bottle. I snapped the roman candle carefully and tipped it in the bottle and the I wick out and held it. I got the lid for the bottle and poked a hole in it then closed the bottle. After that I put the wick in and lit it I ran all the way back far from the bottle and then……… BOOOOOOM!!!!!! It exploded and I was far enough from it lucky. It sounded like a real bomb. Then when my uncle came to the front he saw the bottle burnt and exploded then he saw me lying on the ground. He told me to “go to the backyard and do fireworks there so I  know you’re safe”. Then I get up and  go to the back and do fireworks there. It was getting tiring doing fireworks and it was getting very late. It was starting to be too late to drive  and when I checked the time it was around 3 or 4. Then we went to sleep.


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