Monday, 12 December 2016

Cultural dancing

Leilani is learning how to do poi e and teaching Leanah and Shakaia the Samoan dance.
Leaaepeni is teaching Robati the Tongan dance.

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Rachel Williamson said...

Malo Leaaepeni,

Thanks for posting this great video of Samoan and Tongan dancing. I had the chance to visit Tonga recently and I loved it! I am definitely hoping to get to Samoa one day soon as well...

Speaking of traveling, I'd love to invite you to join our summer blogging programme this year. The topic is 'Travel and Adventure' and there are 10 different countries featured in the programme.

To join the programme, simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey website (, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab, choose from one of 60 different activities and post a blog about it.

I will read your blog and post a comment back. I also have other teachers and students who would love to read your blog posts and provide comments. You will earn points for each blog that you post and I'll keep track of your points.

At the end of the summer I'll come to Ruapotaka to hand out certificates and to bring prizes for the Top 3 bloggers in your school. I really hope that you'll join us and be in to win a great prize!

You can start blogging any time that you want from now until the end of the January. The programme officially ends on Friday 27 January.

Hope to see you online soon!

Rachel :)

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